The Faribault Fastpitch Association is an organization whose purpose is to offer supervised recreational and competitive fastpitch programs for the youth of Faribault.  Our goal is to instill our athletes the principles of sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect.  Our program is intended for individuals of all skill levels, both beginning and advanced.



2015 U14 FURY
2015 U14 FURY


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Summer & Fall Season

* Masks must be worn in dugouts if social distancing not possible

First League Games –

May 10 - 12U (Fury & Renegades)

May 12 - 8U

May 13 - 10U

June 1 - 14U

Tri County State Qualifier -

June 25-27 for 10U-12U,

July 17-18 for 14U

MN State Tournament -

July 10-11 for 8U, 10U & 12U

July 24-25 for 14U

2021 Fury Team Pages:
Quick links to resources:
  • Check here to view MN Softball website
  • Check here to view Tri County League website
  • Click here for drills you can be doing at home to practice, stay in shape and develop your game
  • Click here for the Covid safety guidelines by MN Softball and Minnesota Youth Baseball
2021 Summer Season: Registration now open! Click button below or click Registration tab at top of page.  We're looking forward to a season this year!!!
2021 School Season: Yes, season is ON.  Practice starts March 29.  Contact your school for registration and info. 
2021 Omelette Breakfast: cancelled this year
2021 Flower Basket Fundraiser: details on the Registration page.  Turn-in date 4/11, delivery dates 5/1-5/2.
2021 Fury Frenzy Tournament: CANCELLED
We did not receive enough interest.  We look forward to making a tournament work in the future!
Fury Fan Store:  open April 5-19, 2021.

Good article for us parents...

Softball is For Girls

Reality check....
This is not about YOU. Nope. None of this. The training, the competing, the dreams, the games, the friendships....this is all about HER LIFE. You are just blessed to be along for the ride. So don't make it bumpy and uncomfortable. Don't relive what could have been by what you think should be through your daughter.
We are getting more and more messages every dang day from YOUR KIDS and they are telling us that your drama, your meddling, your pushing too hard, your opinion, your dream - is blurring the road for them, ruining the fun.
Find a good comfy chair and sit back and just love to watch ALL OF THEM PLAY.
Listen to what THEY SAY. Stop telling them how to feel or telling other people how you think they feel.
Don't say what you are thinking if it doesn't encourage someone..... just stick a blow pop in your mouth.
Don't set unrealistic expectations of playing in college on a 12 year old. Trust us, a lot of things change in the high school years.
Check your self before you speak. Words matter. A lot!
Remember they are watching you - they want to be you someday, and all they really want to do is please you and make you proud and have fun along the way.
They don't know how to tell you, so we will. Just stop already. Just stop. And just sit back and love to watch them play and be on your knees grateful that in THIS WORLD they are stuck growing up in, there are still opportunities to just be kids and play games and that for now....they want you to share in this with them.